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Pégase Spa - 3 seats
Spa Pégase
Divine Line - 3 seats
210 x 170 x 80 cm - 65 jets
Pégase Spa - Music & Light
Spa Pégase M&L
Divine Line - 3 seats
210x170x80 cm - 65 jets
Orion Spa - 5 seats
Spa Orion
Divine Line - 5 seats
225x225x95 cm - 90 jets
Orion Spa - Music and Light
Spa Orion M&L
Divine Line - 5 seats
225x225x95 cm - 90 jets
Rhodé Spa - 7 seats
Spa Rhodé
Divine Line - 7 seats
240x240x95 cm - 124 jets
Spa Rhodé  - Music and Light
Spa Rhodé M&L
Divine Line - 7 seats
240x240x95 cm - 124 jets
Spa Lena - 2 seats
Spa Lena
Sublime Line - 2 seats
190x131x78 cm - 25 jets
Spa Tyro - 3 seats
Spa Tyro
Sublime Line - 3 seats
190x131x78 cm - 23 jets
Gaïa Spa - 5 seats
Spa Gaïa
Sublime Line - 5 seats
200 x 200 x 90 cm - 48 jets
Aphrodite Spa - 6 seats
Spa Aphrodite
Sublime Line - 6 seats
200x200x900 cm - 48 jets
Rhéa Spa - 3 seats
Rhéa Spa
Classic Line - 3 seats
200x135x80 cm - 23 jets
Cronos Spa - 5 seats
Spa Cronos
Classic Line - 5 seats
208x208x90 cm - 34 jets

It's been a while since you've been hesitating between a spa or a swimming pool. However, the idea of acquiring a spa to relax after a hard day of work or with your loved ones on the weekend is starting to take root more and more in your mind. But you don't want to buy an inflatable spa. You prefer a beautiful outdoor spa that is as robust as it is efficient, offering various massages for all desires. Poséidon SPA: a renowned spa manufacturer.

For several years now, Poséidon Spa has been providing all its customers with a tailored response to their needs. Our goal is simple: to create hydrotherapy devices for relaxation with peace of mind and at the best price. Thus, whether you are looking for a spa, a Jacuzzi spa, or a swim spa, you enjoy, in all cases, a clean, understated, and elegant design. Benefiting from the most innovative technologies in the industry, each Jacuzzi Spa model has proven ergonomics, offering its owner a true relaxation space. Each tank of our high-end above-ground spas offers very comfortable seating and elements that promote an extraordinary relaxation experience: iPad rest, LED river, glass rest, non-slip floor, etc. Not to mention footrests, leg elevation, armrests, and different seat depths to allow everyone, young and old, to fully enjoy privileged relaxation moments.

To achieve this result, our teams are constantly looking for the best ways to improve the quality of our spas. In addition to design, each outdoor Poséidon SPA spa is assembled with meticulous attention to detail, even in the hydraulic system, which offers high-speed plumbing for more efficient and rapid distribution of water through strategically positioned nozzles. This promotes powerful jets for invigorating well-being massage, as well as an efficient filtration system.

Affordable spa: discover our quality products. To enable everyone to find and purchase the Jacuzzi spa they need, we have grouped our various products into 3 main categories. Our Classic Line Jacuzzi Spas 3 to 5 seats. Our category of Classic Line Jacuzzis includes all our references with an excellent quality/price ratio. Designed specifically for people looking to afford a low-priced Jacuzzi spa, these hydromassage spa ranges are available in 3 or 5 seats.

We offer you, on one hand, the SPA Rhéa 3 seats, benefiting from small dimensions to be able to install anywhere. If you are looking for a built-in spa, this is the model to turn to. The SPA Cronos, on the other hand, has a friendly format, as it can accommodate up to 5 people in its whirlpool bath. Low prices, low consumption, and chromotherapy: these are the highlights of these two models.

SPA Jacuzzi Sublime Line 2 to 6 seats. Let's move up a bit in price ranges and discover the Sublime Line hydrotherapy devices. 4 products are listed in this range: SPA Lena 2 seats: ideal for small spaces or couples looking for a built-in SPA (with chromotherapy). Spa Tyro 3 seats: small dimensions, chromotherapy, and aromatherapy. Perfect for relaxing for 2 or 3. Spa Gaïa 5 seats: a Jacuzzi spa designed for bubble and hot water enthusiasts who like to share this moment with family or friends; Spa Aphrodite 6 seats: the largest well-being area in this range of outdoor and indoor Jacuzzi.

SPA Jacuzzi Divine Line 3 to 7 seats. Our widest range of Jacuzzi spas. Adapted to the highest budgets, Divine Line spas are the most efficient, both in terms of their heating system and massage hydrojets. Here are the different elements listed in this category: SPA Pégase 3 seats; Spa Orion 5 seats; Spa Rhodé 7 seats. Exceptional cladding, comfortable reclining positions, and elements that promote relaxation: by choosing one of these models, you are offering yourself the best of hydrotherapy, designed to meet the requirements of outdoor Jacuzzi enthusiasts.

Please note: each model is available in a Light & Music version to create a unique atmosphere. Do you want to know more before buying your Jacuzzi? Feel free to download our brochure online, contact our advisors, or request a quote from us. Please note: before purchasing your spa, you can also meet us in a showroom near you. In any case, our team does its best to respond to you as quickly as possible.


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