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Poseidon Spa is above all recognized for the great therapeutic qualities offered by its spas.

An exceptional massage

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Poseidon Spa provides a variety of high-quality nozzles tailored to different massage types. Our jets deliver the comfort and effectiveness of specialized massages. These jets are specifically designed to target and address musculoskeletal issues. Moreover, they are interchangeable, enabling you to customize your own massage experience.

Signature Trident Massage

Poseidon Spa's signature massage: two huge jets placed at the bottom of your back which allow a wide circulation of water all along your back. An exceptional massage that reflects the large hands of your masseuse that go up from your lower back to your shoulders. This massage was developed by our designers and therapists. It is unique to the Poseidon brand, you will not find such a massage elsewhere.

Signature Neck Massage

In creating this distinctive massage experience, our team had office workers in mind. We've incorporated massage jets into the headrests to provide a powerful neck massage, perfect for relieving the tension that builds up during those long days spent in front of your computer. To enhance your comfort, the neck massage is independently adjustable from the other massage jets on your seat.

Poseidon's therapies
Directional Jet

This manually adjustable massage nozzle is specifically designed to alleviate muscle tension and enhance circulation in the treated area. It delivers a focused and potent massage experience. We employ three distinct diameters for these jets. For the exclusive neck massage at Poseidon Spa, the smaller diameter of these jets is employed to deliver a precise and effective massage, relieving neck tension.


The different therapies

unique massages !

Poseidon Spa has a multitude of massages available, each more effective, pleasant and avant-garde than the next. Bathing in a Poseidon spa is a unique experience of well-being.

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