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The American company is the undisputed leader on the spa market in electronics, that is to say the electrical box and the control panel, of which all of our spas are composed. 2-year warranty.
The Canadian company is clearly the number 1 in the motorization of spas, for several years Gecko has succeeded in dominating this sector. Selected spas are composed of GECKO motorization and electronics. 2-year warranty.
In 5 years, LX has become the essential factory in the production of water and filtration pumps. 70% of brands in Europe use this brand, which is very popular thanks to its reliability. 2-year warranty.
Aristech, an American company has been the world leader for 50 years, acrylic sheets on spas and swim spas, very few spas are not thermoformed with Aristech acrylic sheets in Europe. 5-year waterproof guarantee.

Our vision of service

Choosing a Poseidon spa, swim spa, or sauna means embracing a holistic approach, whether it's in the top-notch product quality or the service delivered by our teams. Our dedicated teams prioritize the satisfaction of all our spa users and strive daily to provide them with the best service possible. We maintain close partnerships with our stores to ensure we always offer the most fitting solutions. From Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., we're here and ready to assist all our stores effectively.

Professionals trained in service and maintenance

To ensure we provide professional and high-quality service, Poseidon Spa hosts specialized workshops during seminars several times a year. For instance, water chemistry experts conduct training sessions on water quality and regulation, and Balboa technicians introduce various technologies used in their electrical control systems.

A constant stock of spare parts

To fulfill all requests, Poseidon Spa maintains a substantial inventory of accessories and spare parts. Our close partnerships with our stores and consistently restocked stock enable us to promptly address and resolve any issues.

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