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Finnish sauna

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Hermès Swim Spa
Hermès Swim Spa
Swim Turbine - 5 places
580x228x150 cm - 38 jets
The Déméter Swim Spa
The Déméter Swim Spa
swimTurbine - 5 seats
580x228x150 cm
Les points forts
An exceptional ambiance of lights for a colorful sauna!
 Quick and easy assembly
Quick and easy assembly
Sauna delivered as a kit and equipped with a clipping system
Touch Pad
Touch Pad
A new generation and easy to use control panel

The Finnish Sauna

Sauna culture is an integral part of life in Finland — a cherished tradition with therapeutic roots used to treat muscle pain, boost the immune system, and reduce stress. At Poseidon, we offer traditional Finnish saunas, meticulously designed to provide you with a unique relaxation experience.

Explore our range of Finnish saunas to discover the perfect fit for your needs. Our Sauna Line consists of three distinct Finnish sauna models: Athens, Delphi, and Santorini.

Whether you have ample space or a more compact area for your sauna, and whether you prefer to enjoy sauna sessions alone or with family and friends, we offer saunas in various dimensions accommodating 2 to 6 people to cater to your specific requirements.

How Our Finnish Saunas Work

All our traditional saunas are delivered as ready-to-assemble kits. The assembly process is straightforward thanks to our clipping system, requiring just two individuals. Additionally, a detailed manual provides step-by-step guidance.

Once your sauna is set up, you have multiple options for use. You can sprinkle water on the volcanic stones to create a humid heat, offering a steam bath experience. Alternatively, you can relax in a drier heat without adding water to the volcanic stones.

Why Choose a Poseidon Sauna?

We prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction. Benefits of a Finnish sauna include:

Improved blood circulation
Relief from muscle pain and discomfort
Enhanced cardiovascular health and breathing
Detoxification and purification of the body
Stress reduction
Promotes better sleep

Improves skin appearance and tightens pores
Infrared cabin sessions enable you to sweat while relaxing, and taking a cold shower between sessions can strengthen your immune system.

At Poseidon, we've paid special attention to our music therapy and chromotherapy system, which play a crucial role during your sauna sessions. Throughout your purchase journey, our Poseidon team is available to address all your inquiries and uncertainties. Additionally, you receive a two-year warranty on your sauna.

Do you want to know more before investing in a Sauna ?
With a relentless strive to provide high quality products and outstanding services to our clients, our team is ready to help make your wellness dreams come true. We want our saunas to meet all your requirements, so we have paid attention to all important details. Our music and chromotherapy system has been designed to accentuate the benefits of sauna therapy. We have taken our time to select the finest materials for our saunas, after testing cedar and spruce, we chose the most resistant and suitable for our products: hemlock, a Canadian wood.

At each stage of your purchase, our Poseidon Team accompanies you to answer all doubts and questions. You also receive a 2-year warranty on your sauna.

Do you want to know more before buying your sauna? Do not hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your project together. You are also welcome to request a free quote.

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