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LightSensor Series
LightSensor Series
Create an instant atmosphere in the evenings with our 3 beautiful sources of light both inside and surrounding your spa
Audio system
Audio system
Listen to your favorite tunes whilst lounging in your Poséidon Spa
Comfortable lounge beds and seats
Comfortable lounge beds and seats
Poseidon Spa has designed each of its spas to offer everyone comfortable seating
Low Consumption
Low Consumption
An economical spa, it has been designed to optimize the recycling of engine heat, our spas are energy efficient
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In search of excellence, Divine Line offers you exceptional spas with clean lines and incredible massages. Access to supreme luxury thanks to this range designed for you and offering the best available technology, high quality materials and in-depth research to achieve therapeutic journeys of unparalleled quality.

  • Spa Orion - 5 places
  • Spa Orion Music & Light - 5 places
  • Spa Orion - 5 places
  • Spa Pégase - 3 places
  • Spa Rhodé Music & Light - 7 places
  • Spa Rhodé Music & Light - 7 places
  • Spa Pégase Music & Light - 3 places
  • Spa Orion - 5 places

Some choose a swimming pool while others prefer to invest in a Spa. It is obvious that as a relaxation and massage device, the Spa or Jacuzzi is an element that knows how to be essential. To meet all needs and all budgets, we have set up 3 product categories. Including the category of Divine Line Spas that interests us here. Divine Line 3-seater spa The jacuzzi spas presented on our site are grouped into 3 main ranges, each corresponding to different budget levels. If you are looking for a high-end indoor or outdoor jacuzzi spa, you have to look at our Divine Line products. No need to look very far to find and then make the purchase of your Spa 3 to 7 places. The luxury spa of your dreams is just a click away. Note: they are each available in an advanced version called Music & Light (with a chromotherapy system and control of your music). Ideal for creating a relaxation space that suits you.

Spa Pégase 3 places
Let's start with the Spa Pégase which is the smallest top-of-the-range jacuzzi of the 3. With its dimensions 210 x 170 x 80 cm, it can be used as an indoor Spa as well as a built-in outdoor Spa. Offering 2 lounge beds, it can easily accommodate 3 people in a seated position. Our Pégase is equipped with 65 hydrotherapy jets, an Ozone Plasma disinfection system, a cartridge filtration system, a chromotherapy spot, 14 water line LEDs (supplemented by a river, a headrest and a backlit skimmer). Everything is controlled by a practical and easy-to-use waterproof touch screen. In addition to enjoying an innovative design, this Spa allows you to experience the Trident massage (going up from the lower back to the shoulders).

Spa Orion 5 places
The Spa Orion has the same characteristics as the Pégase jacuzzi. With the exception of its dimensions which are 225 x 225 x 95 cm. Thus, this allows it to carry 90 hydrotherapy massage jets and to offer 2 lounge beds, 1 lounge seat and 2 regular seats. It is the choice of families or people who like to receive their loved ones to enjoy an excellent moment of rest and relaxation, as soothing as it is friendly. Note: the Spa Orion has been designed to offer low energy consumption. Thus, our designers have thought about the insulation of the tank, but also of the panels. This prevents heat loss. And above all, to recycle the heat from engines and pumps into natural heat. Ideal for enjoying hot water with bubbles without exploding your energy consumption.

Spa Rhodé 7 places
If you want the biggest luxury jacuzzi, the Spa Rhodé is made for you. With its dimensions of 240 x 240 x 95 cm and its 124 hydrojets, it is the most powerful and imposing of our products. As such, it can accommodate 3 people lying down or 7 people seated. Regarding its equipment, it embeds the same technologies as the Spa Orion. What changes here are essentially its dimensions. It is therefore suitable for large families or people who often receive their loved ones.

Why choose a Poseidon Spa?
To buy a wellness Spa and enjoy a whirlpool bath with hydromassage nozzles at the best value for money, you can trust Poseidon Spa. We have been helping our customers choose the perfect Jacuzzi Spa for years now. If you want to avoid the inflatable Spa, find out without delay about our various jacuzzis with high quality therapeutic courses (chromotherapy, aromatherapy, balneotherapy, etc.).

Consult our documentation, ask us for a quote or come and meet us in our showrooms throughout France. Our spa sales experts are at your disposal to help you find the inexpensive whirlpool bath (jacuzzi and spa) you need to set up the wellness area you have been dreaming of for years.

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